‘Ramite: The Music, Volume 1’ is a concept album based on Jason Kunwar’s upcoming fiction novel ‘Ramite-Daam’. ‘Ramite-Daam’, which loosely translates as “The Spectator: Scar”, is the story of civilization, societies and human instincts.

Hunger cast a long shadow over all the villages. The land is barren, the earth barren. It is unknown when this tragedy began, nor when it will come to end. A few decades ago, in a village called Uga, a Dasparma was invented: a system in which, every ten years, Five Men are chosen to do the arduous task of searching for food, shelter, and possibly a new home.
This year’s burden lies on the shoulder of Khile and four other men.
The road was full of danger, and the thoughts and memories of loved ones left behind always accompanied the travellers on their journey, both in moments that were bitter and those that tasted rather sweet.


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