NIGHT is a new-school folk band that focuses on using traditional Nepali instruments and creating new sounds and reintroduce said instruments to a new audience. Our songs focus on Nepal’s musical culture and the story of the common people. Our songs have carved us an eclectic audience, ranging from the metalheads to the working man.

Night aims to reproduce and even reinvent some of the many endangered/lost instruments of Nepal. We aim to create new sounds, music and stories from these instruments while also attempting to rediscover a part of our musical culture. We are also developing the ‘Know your instrument’ project – which aims to introduce and also create an environment for discovery and adoption of rare Nepali instruments.

Our story and our inspiration



Night started 11 years ago with Jason and Niraj coming together to form an AvantGarde metal band. We shared common tastes in music – Metal mainly. As Jason travelled Nepal while working as a Chartered accountant, he was exposed to a lot of new music and the flavour of Nepali regional/traditional music. With his enthusiastic newfound interest in traditional music and ethnomusicology, Night changed gears and started experimenting in producing contemporary music with traditional instruments.

For the past 9 years, we have focused on developing music close to our roots while at the same time injecting more of our own original ideas, with an ever-increasing array of traditional instruments.

Nepal has over one hundred different ethnicities and languages and the landscape change drastically from the South to the North and from the east to the West. This subsequently inspired us to compose the songs in diverse languages and dialects of Nepal.

Most of the songs are composed ‘in the field’ where we stay with the people in villages. After living with a melody, a song, or a drum rhythm over a period of time, we slowly start sensing its deeper meaning and through developing our own compositions, we try to express and share this understanding with others. So the people, places and cultures of Nepal have been our greatest inspiration.