Sunko Jutta // सुनको जुत्ता // is a song for all the lives lost in the ‘pursuit of happiness’. The working class in Nepal struggle on a daily basis living in a hand-to-mouth basis. Many go abroad on a worker’s visa only to have themselves exploited. Many struggle in their hometown. The life we seek is usually what bleeds us dry.

Khum Bahadur Pariyar: Raj Kumar Pudasaini
Devi Pariyar: Saraswati Chaudhary
Roshan: Chiranjeebi Bhattarai

Ambika Chepang, Iman Sing Praja, Jiban Bhattarai, Monisha Chepang, Pabitra Chepang, Paras Mani Subedi, Purna Bahadur Chepang, Rajendra Chepang, Raju Chepang, Shree Maya Chepang
Executive Producer: Night
Producers: Media Port and Walking Cure Works

Directors: Bibhusan Basnet and Pooja Gurung
Cinematographer: Chintan Raj Bhandari
Line Producer: Prawin Takki Karki
Sound: Jason Kunwar
Assistant Director: Abhishek Subedi
Gaffer: Dinesh
Music: Night
Lyrics: Jason Kunwar

Production Controllers: Niraj Shakya and Paras Mani Subedi.

Thanks to: Tshering Rhitar Sherpa, Rohit Shakya, Prasiit Sthapit, Shivaram Shrestha, Kapil Parajuli, Villagers of Thumka, Kaudhi Khola, Bhumli Chowk-8, Gorkha

© NIGHT 2014. All rights reserved.


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Beautiful and moving

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