Translated Lyrics – Jharani

Waterfall (Jharani I)

O, Waterfall!
Tell me how
Singing with eyes closed
I can spill over like you?

Colorful, warbling bird
How do you take flight?
I counted wing-beats and leapt
Only to fall on my back

O, Wind! …

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Translated Lyrics – Sun ko Jutta

Gilded Shoes (Sunn ko Jutta)

No hat on the head,
might as well die, starving instead.

Their love for the night,
transforms shadows to light.

These people with hearts of stone,
instill fear and hunger alone.

Those …

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Translated Lyrics – Basai Bagayo

My Home is Swept Away (Basai Bagayo)

Koshi overwhelmed its banks
and swept away my home.
Yes, it swept away my hearth.
A murderous kindness it showed:
Yes, it swept away my home.

Seven streams of …

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